Who Am I?

My name is Amanda. As for "about me"....well, first, if you didn't already figure it out, I'm a 31 year-old caseworker and former Sister.

I'm a Baltimore native, a proud graduate of the Institute of Notre Dame and Mount Saint Mary's University, and former VIDES-USA volunteer in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Years ago, I was also an aspirant in a Salesian religious community, leaving after six months. Four years after leaving them, I joined the Daughters of Charity but left them after five years. Returning to lay life is truly what this blog is really all about.

I love, in no particular order: serving the poor, American and Latin American history, writing (despite its occasional challenge), traveling, and reading non-fiction books.
Give me an iced coffee and a Henri Nouwen book and you'll make my day, maybe even my week.
My real passion, though, is the work I do with the families at the non-profit where I work in San Antonio. 

Got questions? Don't hesitate to email me at amandita1985 [at] gmail.com.


  1. I'm confused. Why would a women's religious order refer to the initial period of formation as 'seminary' rather than 'novitiate'? Seminary usually refers to the period of training for men who are studying for the priesthood.

  2. You're correct, it does. We call it "Seminary" for historical reasons. When St. Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac founded the DCs, canon law required that all Sisters be cloistered. In order to get around this rule, our founders used different vocabulary - we lived in houses, not convents; we studied in Seminary, not novitiate (in France, "Seminary" was another word for "boarding school"), etc.

    Obviously, that law no longer exists but we keep the word. Canonically, we are a Society of Apostolic Life, not a religious order. That means our "novitiate" is not the same as religious orders. For example, for us DCs, there is no canonical year, no apostolic year as you would find in religious orders. Our whole Seminary is spent in the Seminary.


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